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We welcome you to the Official Website of the Institute of Waste Management of Nigeria. The primary philosophy that guides the training of students in this Institute is the requirement for skilled manpower that is adequately furnished with the practical and comprehensive information required in managing the country's bountiful waste in the most environmentally sound, socio-culturally acceptable and economically viable manner. The Institute, being the first of its kind in Nigeria and probably in West Africa, will provide skilled manpower, trained specifically for resource recovery with futuristic outlook to meet the challenges of the growing technologies. The present crop of unskilled or under skilled waste managers will have an opportunity to  [more details]
  • Textile waste recycling
  • Glass/bottle waste recycling
  • Ceramics recycling
  • Paper and cardboard waste recycling
  • Waste tyre recycling
  • Demolition and construction waste recycling
  • Shoe and leather recycling
  • Human hair recycling

  • Understanding plastic recycling flow chart;
  • Operating plastic crushing machine;
  • Understanding nylon recycling operation;
  • Operating plastic crushing machine;
  • Operating of wet-grinding machine;
  • Operating/understanding the principles of nylon pelletization.
  • Understand what composting means.
  • Identify the difference bet compost (organic fertilizer) and manure.
  • Identify the different types of organic wastes and their sources
  • Calculation of C:N ratio 
  • Materials to avoid putting In a compost pile
IWMN 2013/2014 Calendar
Programmes and upcoming
May to November 2014

IWMN Training calendar 2014 to 2015 academic year.

Waste Management Overview- (WMT 100)

DATE:   26th - 28th May, 2014

LOCATION : Lagos Nigeria

COURSE FEE: N35,000.00
Integrated Waste Recycling (Practical)

DATE:   4th August-30 September, 2014

LOCATION : Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan

COURSE FEE: N10,000.00 - N150,000.00